Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Power Of Craig's List

Over twenty five years ago I started my glass journey doing stained glass when glass fusing was pretty much unheard of. I took a community education course in the copper foil method and made a sun catcher. I then embarked on my first project, and oddly enough I didn't do the copper foil approach. I always over build and over do things. I guess I was afraid to build a 25 by 40 inch panel using copper foil, and chose brass lined came for the bottom and zinc H channel for the top.

Not knowing very much as far as proper technique I hand cut each one of those polygons individually. There are easier ways of course. I didn't have a came saw and all the zinc for the polygons was hand cut on a little wooden miter box. The project design jumped onto my sketch book one day. I'm not sure what I was thinking about, but I liked the design and I was determined to finish the execution.... even if it killed me. The brass lined lead came was a challenge, because it wasn't very flexible and I wanted a very free flowing pattern on the bottom. Because I over build things I didn't want regular came which would have been more flexible and WAY easier to cut.

I ended up calling the piece SpaceTime.  The name came as an after thought after the design was on paper.

Anyway... it was a good experience. I made two more stained glass panels of my own design and then found glass fusing.

After having it around for all those years it was time for it to find a home. If we are going to be moving then I'm going to need to find a home for a lot of my stuff. I placed an add on Craig's List and just a few days later I got an email asking about it. Yea sure... I thought to myself. Some joker from China or Russia wants me to get involved in some rip off scheme. The query turned out to be genuine and it sold several days later. The new owner is very happy with it and had it mounted in a window as seen above. It is a night shot. The bottom glass is actually clear.

So maybe I'll do some more marketing for the stuff out in my studio. I got tons of stuff that needs to find a home.