Saturday, April 20, 2013

Linking Concept With Design

One of the hardest things to accomplish is to integrate a concept with a design especially if the concept is new or complex. In this case rebranding is a multidimensional problem. All of the conceptual somersaults of rebranding must be conveyed succinctly without too much dependency on explanation coming from accompanying text.

In the above diagram hibuReview is in center prominence surrounded first by what it offers, and then followed by who would use it in the other most rings. This answers What, Who, and Where. To make Where stronger, perhaps the URL should be included. The Why factor is strongly related to What in this case. hibuReview is the intersection of Social Media, Consumers, and Business and it is the place for reviews (Why).

As mentioned in the previous post hibuReivew is a fictitious entity I created as an exercise in rebranding. It also gave me a chance to play with Adobe Illustrator which I seldom use, because I'm mostly a raster and not a vector thinking guy.