Saturday, September 6, 2014

BoomTown in Vinton Iowa


The Iowa Pyrotechnic Association puts on a yearly fireworks event in Vinton Iowa called Boomtown. Outsides of the fireworks you might see for a large international event Boomtown is an incredible display of fireworks wizardly complete with fireballs and 'train wrecks'.
This is the first year I took pictures. Next year I'm going more prepared with a long lens and cable release. My goal will be to get 'inside' of the explosions and still have it be sharp. This idea was inspired by the shot below. I'd like to get a full frame of just a portion of the explosion so that you can see the actual fiery pieces and then go from there to create compositions from several shots.
If you want to see more I have a slide on the second page of my photography gallery. Click on 'Next Screen.'

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