Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful

For more about the new Disney movie follow this link.

I cut the above image from the link above and enlarged it using Photoshop (PS). I then used the Topaz Clean PS plugin to depixelate and texturize. The figure was emphasized against the background by several PS Curves. I typically use two or more Curves layers, depending on the complexity of readjusting the overall tonality. The two basic ones would be one to enhance only the highlights and one for the dark areas. Topaz Adjust was also used to help enhance the fog effect and light diffusion.

The essential part of the recomposition was the use of Topaz Clean after enlargement. Of course enlarging a 76 PPI screen captured image is fought with problems. You can't create detail that isn't there. If there are only 76 pixels per inch and you enlarge to 300 PPI, then 224 pixels are simply 'made up', and the results are very crude heavily pixelated image. Topaz Clean and Simplify have the ability to 'repaint' the image by rearranging the pixels into new patterns. This very controllable rearrangement process can do very little to the original, or, totally remap pixel detail, color, tones, image shape relationships, create lines and more.

In fact, these tools can take any ordinary image and turn it into your personal vision of the subject. The extensive amount of pixel-level control and shape arrangements can completely redefine an image bringing into the realm of digital art.

The image below also came from the Disney site and is the coolest animated GIF file I have ever seen. Simply inspiring. I didn't touch that one at all.

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